Thursday, July 20, 2017

Zoom Zoom Zoom

This afternoon as we were pulling into our space at the campground, we could hardly concentrate on what needed to be done because of the noise. I looked up and saw 4 tiny jets flying in formation. 
And they were heading right toward the ground at a zillion miles per hour. At the last moment, they straightened out, and headed back into the wild blue yonder.
They made a great arc and headed down again. The noise was deafening and the show was wonderful.
Then they made a giant heart in the sky with 3 planes flying in one direction and the fourth flying in the opposite. When they met at the bottom of the heart, the singleton was flying upside down as they met each other. 
They look so small but they made a mighty big noise!
We viewed a wonderful show for about 30 minutes. Later we saw a sign saying there will be an air show here in July 22 and 23. We will be in Canada by then, happy that we saw a preview.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I Made These

I made a pair of baby flip flops for my seemed to be appropriate somehow. She will get them next time I see her.
These are "kitty bottom" coasters...My niece sent me a picture and asked if I could recreate I tried.
My crochet pal challenged me to make an elephant...two views of this 5 inch critter.
 My next strange project is a donut pillow. Watch this space.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


This is not a dandelion -- it's a salsify giant puffball
At the perfect time of "ripeness" the umbrella-like tendrils will take off and fly to a location where they will burrow into the ground in order to be ready to bloom next year. 
Not all asters looks the same...this one is all curly where...
...this is not. My wildflower garden is filled with asters.


I just finished the eleventh blanket of 2017. It's a scrap blanket very simiar to blanket #10...except for the background color.
#11 has white as the background color, while #10 has black. Which background color do you like the best?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dirty Dancing

A couple of weeks ago a local channel showed the original version of "Dirty Dancing" one night, and two nights later they showed the newest update of the movie. I saved both versions on my DVR and I watched them. First and foremost, I must state that I love the original movie. The music is great, the dancing is great, the characters work and the final dance scene is fantastic. I was hoping the remake would be as good. I'm sad to report that the remake is a waste of film.   
  The remake follows the same storyline, but the actors didn't fit their parts. Baby was too chubby; Johnny was too menacing; Dr. Houseman was not believable; Lisa was too cute; Mrs.Houseman ... I could go on and on. The casting was wrong. YouTube has a clip of the final dance scene. Please compare the two final dance scenes and make your own decision. As for me, if I get another chance to the remake of Dirty Dancing, I will skip it.

Signs of the Time

Like many folks, I love to read bumper sticks and other signs written on vehicles. Here are 3 that I've seen recently.
This sign is a sticker found on my friend's RV.
Found on the back of an F-150
And, finally, this great bumper sticker! BTW, Wyoming has fewer people than San Francisco and we like it that way!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Summer Garden

Normal people plant tame flowers and enjoy their color. I'm not normal. I fling wildflower seeds out in the fall and hope that something wonderful will happen the next spring and summer. Of course a wildflower garden looks like a bunch of weeds to the normal person. Right now, my "weeds" are in full bloom and I think they are wonderful.
The aster started to bloom on the 6th of July. I'm predicting we will have 8 more weeks of summer.
There are 2 types of harebells...
...can you hear them ringing?
This is a double 3 spot lily...a very delicate flower in the garden. It's sometimes called a Sego Lily. I've only seen this one so far. The flowers sometimes hide amidst the greenery.
There's lupine and
Orange Paintbrush and saxifrage that's almost taller than me!