Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Back in the Land of Fruit and Nuts

We are back in California, having made the four day drive from quiet and rural to noisy and urban. Thank goodness we don't live in a super urban part of CA. When we leave and when we return I try to take a picture of Lake Oroville. 
This September the water level is relatively low. This is probably a good thing because the spillway is not yet fixed and the weather guessers are predicting a wet winter. (We saw a headline on Sunday saying the spillway will not be finished by November 1.) Therefore, a low lake level is a good thing. Click here to see the lake level last year at this time. Click here to see progress being made on the spillway. It's a huge project.
BTW, I named this post the "Land of the Fruit and Nuts" because California produces a lot of fruit and a lot of nuts, both of which are healthy for you.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


The news is good. Yes I did break my shoulder...and yes I did some damage to the rotator cuff...but according to my doctor I'm on the mend and I do not need surgery!
The top x-ray is the latest one...and if you know how to read x-rays, you can see that the bone is mending. The doc took me out of the sling and said now is the time to try to heal the rest of the way by moving your arm more naturally so it will not become frozen. So, he gave me some exercises to do several times a day to increase mobility, which I'm doing.
As for the rotator cuff, it is NOT torn. When I fell, I must have jabbed the bone into it, creating a 1/2 inch hole. This is supposed to be better than a tear. A tear needs to be surgically sewn togehter, but a hole will heal itself. If all goes to plan, the shoulder should be well in 8-10 weeks. He showed me the hole on the MRI but frankly I did not see what he looked like a brighter line amidst some darker ones. Interpreting MRIs is an art-form.
Being out of the sling is wonderful. I have two arms and two hands that work, as long as I don't push it too much. I did that last night be accidentally over-extending my right arm. The pain was immediate! I'm not 100% yet, but I'm going to get there.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Lest We Forget

Today is 9-11 -- 16 years ago, a group of Islamic terrorists successfully destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City, part of the US Pentagon, etc. It is a day we need to remember, much like we need to remember 12-7-1941 (Pearl Harbor Day or The Day that will live in Infamy). Events happen that change the world...and they should not be revised or edited or erased because they are not pleasing to x-group or y-group, or any other group. (Ancient Egyptians took to deleting hieroglyphs of pharoahs when they were out of favor...yet centuries later, we still know those pharoahs existed and what they did.) Columbus took a few handful of men in 3 tiny ships and sailed to a place that was hitherto unknown; Robert E. Lee was a great Civil War general; 12 US Presidents were slave holders; Balboa, Vespucci, DeSoto and many others were discoverers exceptional; and now these people and others are being reviled because of the aftermath of their deeds. For every action there is a reaction. That's what change is about. We need to remember the past in order to understand the present and predict possible futures. Erasing the past will not make it go away, nor will editing it. The past is! Wake up and smell the roses. Things happen. 9-11 changed our world in such a way that we no longer trust one another. We need to remember that and not try to erase it like it never happened.

Watch this Space

We said "good bye" to the Tetons for the this space as another adventure is on the horizon!


It's hard to take still pictures that show some action...but I think I did. This warbler is munching the berries on a western mountain ash tree.
And here's a young robin doing the same. Not too bad for a smartphone camera!

On the Lighter Side

On July 29 I broke the tip of my humerus and tore my rotator cuff. Trying to type with those two conditions has been difficult. Today I'm trying again...and so far, no pain...but I'm supposed to get out of my sling tomorrow as the break should be healed. The rotator cuff injury is another story. I'll find that information out tomorrow.   In the meantime, I need to post some pictures as I've not just sat around while waiting for my arm to heal. We went to an old car show which was a lot of fun. The cars of my youth are now old cars. I hope they don't put on an "old person show" any time soon, as we are not quite as shiny as the old cars.
The cutest car there was the 1957 Metropolitan. I remember this car but I don't think I saw too many on the road. This little beauty cost under $1200 when she was new. 
In traffic, she got 30 miles to the gallon! American Motors was ahead of it's time.
My eyes were drawn to this 1955 Oldsmobile because my parents had one of these beauties. We had the Super 88 (this is the 88) in turquoise blue and polar white...those were the days of two tone cars! This car is currently for sale for a mere $22,000.
1958 was the first year of the Chevrolet Impala and this beauty was HOT way back then. It even sported a Continental Kit which made her about 18 inches longer. Those were the days when longer was better.
There were two 1957 Chevrolets...and red one and a blue one.
The blue one sported a Buick grille...who knows why. This one is completely restored and has only 5000 miles on it. The gentleman who had the car said "this car gets lots of attention" and rightly so. She was purty!
You don't see many Studebaker's around anymore. This is a 59 SkyHawk.
I'll end with a 1970 Nova that been "souped" up a bit. This car did not sell well in Mexico because no va means "no go" in Spanish. Not a promising name for a car!

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Hurricanes are blowing, earthquakes are shaking, fires are burning, NK is where is safe! My heart and hopes and prayers and thoughts are going to all the folks who are enduring the barage of "ugliness!"Do we need a crazy man exploding nuclear warheads when we have mother nature doing her thing? STOP NK--enough is enough! Everyone, stick together; help your neighbors; we're all in this together... Be safe out there!