Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Next One

Making blankets is something that I do. I just finished the next one (fifth for the year)—and it might be the prettiest blanket I’ve made in a long time.
The picture does not do it justice as the zig-zag looks like a neon light shooting thru the a sea of black.
 I think a teenager will like it.

Friday, February 16, 2018


Yesterday we were on a mountain road and saw this sign.
Here’s a closer look at it...gee...did you know that a hill would block the view? The Great State of California made this sign with this important piece of information, just in case you did not know that a solid mountain would block your view. I’ve known this all my sentient life...but then, this is California and we’re not too sure how many sentient folks are running it.

Away from Home

Today I met the owners of this vehicle. It’s a European motorhome called a Hymer, and there are not many of them rolling down US highways. The couple in this unit are from the Netherlands, and they have been winter-camping in the US for 2 years now. (The picture is copied from their “business card.”)            
They started in Halifax and wandered to Las Vegas last year where they left the RV with their son. This year, they picked up their RV in San Francisco (their son drove it there), and they started touring the western USA. They will be leaving the US next week, so they can return in time to see the tulips at home. They plan to leave the RV in SF where their son will pick it up and drive it back to Vegas.
What a great adventure! Years ago, we thought it would be fun to RV in Europe but we discovered the joys of river cruising and we did that instead. One of my joys is meeting people on my morning walk. 

A “Tents” Moment

The other day I talked about recreational vehicles. Today I’m going to talk about tents! 

Tents have come a long way from those I remember as kid. The old tents were canvass and smelly and dark. Mostly they were tree green. My best girlfriend’s father set up a tent in his backyard every summer and we would play in and around the tent. We loved it even if it was dark and smelly. Maybe that’s why we loved it. Kids are strange as you know. Well, forget about that tent of old, and look as some of the tents that are in the Park. This “3 bedroom 2 bath” wonder (I’m exaggerating only a little) is proudly set up not too far from me. It has an entry hall, and a couple of “pop-outs” to give it more room. 
Not all tents are huge. This is more of a normal size in light blue
If one tent is good, two must be better’s good to be seen why not a red tent        
...and a blue tent
Not all tents sit on the ground. Some are mounted atop SUVs. I talked to the campers with this tent and they were very pleased with it. When the tent is folded up, it makes a 18 inch high package that fits nicely on top of the SUV. Inside it has enough sleeping space for 2 adults and 2 dogs...and the mattress is 3 inches of plush memory foam. The downside...remembering to not walk out of the tent in the morning. The fellow told me it was a long drop from tent to ground, but he’s only made that mistake once!
And here’s another roof mounted tent. 
I’d be remiss if I did not picture the pop-up camper. When we first started camping, this was the entry level RV. After folks had tented for a few years, they bought one of these vehicles...all the joys of tenting with some of the mod-cons (refrigrator, stove, and dry space).         
Tents seem to bloom when the weather is good and the view is wonderful. 
As we are starting President’s Day weekend, I’m expecting to see more tents coming. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Farewell to Arms

As you know, our local library has a collection of DVDs...some old, some new, and some “in between.” Last night we saw another of the “old” variety...the 1932 rendition of “A Farewell to Arms.” The tragic story of forbidden love in a war zone was written by Ernest Hemingway, however, there were several “leaps” of storyline that just did not make sense. A quick look at Wikipedia told me why...the screenwriters made some changes. Hemingway did not approve of the changes, but they were made nonetheless.There’s a 1957 version of the film...I wonder if it has the same “leaps” of storyline?  
Helen Hayes is beautiful. Gary Cooper is moody. The title is a play on words...farewell to war and farewell to the welcoming arms of a lover. In fact, the title was used before—by a 16th century poet. Folks are unsure if Papa knew about the poem or not, but it is a moot point, as titles cannot be copyrighted (not to mention that something written in the 16th century is in the public domain). 
The copy of the film that we saw was in shades of gray because so many copies have been made of the film, it’s hard to find one that is crisp. For classic movie lovers, it’s another “must see” but not so much for the rest of us.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. Tell your special honey, that you love him/her. 
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Judgment at Nuremberg

The old movies continue, this time with Judgment at Nuremberg. The 1961 classic is a must see movie. It tells the story of government gone crazy (do we see any relationship to what is happening today?) The message is meaningful. 
The all-star cast told a timeless story of what happens when an ideaology goes wrong. If you have a chance to see this 57 year old masterpiece, take it. 
(On a side note, a very young William Shatner is in the movie.)